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“Full of intricate guitar playing” – Musik Magazine

“On first listen I was blown away by Ben’s voice, the beautiful soft vocals, lyrics and sophisticated guitar work, are a few of my many favourite aspects of the song” – Megan Riley – The M Word

 “The dusk of a summer night gently, almost imperceptibly settles, as the first sweet strums of guitar sound out. As the piece builds, Stafford’s vocals are a deep, low murmur, rising from the instrumentation like smoke from a dying fire. This is a study of yearning in soft-focus. Prepare to be caressed by the warmth of acoustic reverb, whilst feeling the chill fingers of longing creep down your spine” – Verity Hesketh – Whisper Magazine

“Lancashire’s answer to Ben Howard. It’s perfectly crafted, as each of Ben’s releases are, stunning and perfect to listen to regardless of mood. Whether emotional and longing for a loved one, or simply wanting an escape from the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life – ‘As One’ will give it to you.” – Megan Riley – The M Word

“As far as mellow, easy listening goes, this song is right up there with the best of them; you can almost sense golden hour slipping away into a mellow night by the gentle hum of the last refrain.” – Verity Hesketh – Whisper Magazine